Hawkeye is very reasonably priced, however, we highly recommend that use is made of the 21 day trial before purchasing Hawkeye.  This will ensure that the system is running on your computer and you are happy with the functionality of the system.  When a purchase is finalised and the KEY send, the transaction is final.  Refunds will only be considered within 7 days of purchase and under very special circumstances, which includes supporting justification.

We have published an article on our front page with good information on purchasing a Loft Management System.  We highly recommend that you read it before making your purchase.

Purchasing a Hawkeye Loft Management System license for the first time

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To purchase a Hawkeye v8 Professional license for only US$79.00 now, click here.

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With this option, you will receive the KEY immediately. You may elect to receive Hawkeye on CD with this option.

Support Policy

Hawkeye Professional

We will offer support on everthing related to the Hawkeye Product you have purchased, as well as any pre-purchase questions you may have.   Please use the ticket system under the Support Menu to logde any requests.

Hawkeye Lite (Available at no cost)

Since the system is free for all, we cannot guarantee support since we just do not have the manpower for it.  That being said, the system is robust and most problems can easily be resolved by reading our support articles.



Read this first

Remember that everyone that has purchased Hawkeye before, may be eligible for a free upgrade. Click here to see whether you are eligible.  If this check fails, please contact our support staff.  It is possible that we do not have your correct email address on file.

Purchasing the CD

You can order just the CD, provided you are a registered user of Hawkeye v8. If you do not own Hawkeye v8 yet, this option can't be used.  If you own an earlier version of Hawkeye, verify if you are eligible for the latest version. There you will be provided the option to order the CD along with Hawkeye v8.

Yes, I own the latest version and is after a CD for convenience. Click here to order the CD now