Our Mission

"To ensure that the Hawkeye Loft Management System™ will remain the software of choice for racing pigeon fanciers around the world"



  • Hawkeye Loft Management System Lite - For Free!

    Hawkeye Lite is Free

    The most popular Racing Pigeon Software ever is now FREE!  The Hawkeye Loft Management System, are now available as a Lite version.  To celebrate the launch of our Lite version, we're pleased to offer this release to everyone at no cost.  For a limited time, anyone who downloads and registers for the free Hawkeye Loft Management System Lite can use it for free indefinitely.  Just download the current release of Hawkeye Professional and install it.  You can continue to use the Professional features for 3 weeks and then unlock the Lite features with a free KEY. Get your free Hawkeye Lite KEY here.

    Note: You have to be logged in to see the FREE Lite KEY option.  If you do not have a login account, just register - it's FREE.

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