Note: Hawkeye is very reasonably priced, however, we do highly recommend that use is made of the 21 day trial before purchasing Hawkeye.  When a purchase is complete and the KEY send, the transaction is final.  Refunds will only be considered within 7 days of purchase and under very special circumstances, with the required supporting justification.


Purchasing a Hawkeye Loft Management System license for the first time

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Order from Share-itTo purchase a Hawkeye v8 Professional license for only US$79.00 now, click here.

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With this option, you will receive the KEY immediately. You may elect to receive Hawkeye on CD with this option.

 Our Support Policy

Other companies or individuals will offer you support for a set period, after that, support comes a a price, but Comproware's support policy is simple.......

We will provide you with support indefinitely, no questions asked! Our support team are ready to assist you!


If you are a current user of Hawkeye, you do not need to pay the full price to upgrade. Click here to see if you qualify for a free upgrade before proceeding with one of the upgrade options below.

Remember that everyone that has purchased Hawkeye before, could qualify for a free upgrade! If you are unsure whether you qualify or not, click here or check with our support staff.

This option is purely for current users of the product. You must be a licensed owner of an earlier version of Hawkeye. The KEY will only be sent after manual verification of this. You may elect to receive Hawkeye on CD with this option.

Ordering just the CD

You can order just the CD, provided you are a registered user of Hawkeye v8. If you do not own Hawkeye v8 yet, this option can't be used.The best option then is to click on the Share-it icon on the top of this page or one of the Share-it upgrade options, if you own an earlier version of Hawkeye. There you will be provided the option to order the CD along with Hawkeye v8.

Yes, I already purchased a licence for hawkeye and are after a CD for convenience. Click here to order the CD now